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Guidelines for Membership

Renewing Your Membership


As most of you are aware, CACE is now offering discounted memberships for firms! Our Board of Directors and Membership Committee are in the process of sending letters to firms that have over 5 eligible members and advising them of the cost savings and benefits to a firm vs. individual membership model. To assist in this new change, we are currently building a new website and in the meanwhile are confirming these types of memberships manually. If you are unsure if your firm is involved, please contact our Executive Director, Tracy Scanks at tracy@proconadvantage.com.

Note, we are still offering individual memberships for those firms that have smaller Labour & Employment departments or who choose not to participate in the bulk firm membership model. To avoid duplication in our current website system, we kindly ask that you contact Tracy directly at 604.427.1491 or by email to Tracy@proconadvantage.com and she can assist in processing your individual membership fee (via credit card) through the back-end of our system. We thank you for your continued support of CACE and patience, as we process memberships renewals and prepare to release registration for our 2016 Annual conference in Winnipeg, September 22-24, 2016.

Conference registration will open June 6th, 2016 – watch your emails for further details!

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